A Guided Tour of KnowRisk Powerhouse: Part 1

Methods & Steps

As Risk Managers, we are converted; it’s having our staff members buy-into the risk process that counts!

Think about the user screens that staff are asked to fill in, using risk management software tool, somehow staff are expected to follow a process.


Traditional Method


So you can have the traditional method for staff to add data in the risk process, in KnowRisk, just as you can in any software tool.

But KnowRisk takes this to another level . . . . .

KnowRisk has an outstanding feature of

  • Configurable Methods & Steps
  • Allowing the user to have an unlimited number of methods with
  • Each method having virtually an unlimited number of steps!


Here are two examples:


Risk Strategy

You can try different risk matrixes to show which one will be better to use.

Action Plan


Climbing one mountain to another mountain can be very different, each may use a distintive method

  • Each method can have a distinct group of users/ owner
  • The end user does not need to understand how the Method & Steps are designed.

This allows staff to walk through the risk process, without turning them into risk managers!

In conclusion the Methods & Steps feature of KnowRisk takes away the complexity of risk management and makes it simple for everyone to take advantage of managing risks.