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Help & Support

New users can call our Help Desk at no charge during Australian business hours during the first 30 days following the installation of the software. After the initial thirty days, as long as services continue to be offered, technical support services can be obtained at the current charges applicable at that time.

Users are encouraged to enter into a separate Maintenance Agreement following the initial thirty days period. The cost of this agreement is 18% of the cost of software and licences, payable annually in advance.

Users who have entered into this agreement, are entitled to receive all Software Updates – usually issued quarterly.

Help Desk

Hours of operation: 9:00am – 5:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

Email Address: support@corprofit.com

International hours of operation: check with your local distributor

What the help desk does:

The help desk's prime responsibilities are to provide Product Error Correction Services and Technical Support. It is the second point of call for problems you may have with your KnowRisk application. The first point of call is the Support Forum.

The support people manning the help desk are a valuable resource as they are familiar with all the Errors/bugs and technical issues (as you know, there are not many). They are also able to access developers and consultants and so will know who you should be talking to.

Note: The help desk does not help people with Project Support i.e.how to use the system. They will put you onto the right person in these cases, either a consultant or developer.

The help desk is there to record, track and notify matters relating to Errors/bugs and Technical issues.

Who should call the help desk:

We request that you have no more that 2 people charged with calling the help desk. This is a condition of the Maintenance Services.  It makes sense that there is an area in your organisation keeping track of issues (real or perceived).

Our experience is that customers assign this duty to the KnowRisk Administrator and the Network Administrator/Support manager.

Costs calling the help desk:

If you are calling about an Error or have discovered a technical issue, this service is free.

For Project Support i.e. "how to", the call is free for the first 60 days after purchase.

The standard charge for Project Support is AUD$120/hr and is charged in 15min increments. You will be told if the call is billable before you incur any costs.

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