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Enterprise Risk management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is also known as Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (EWRM). Successful implementation is contingent upon a well defined plan. A "Roadmap" is needed

At Corprofit, we are proud of our ability to assist our customers in the development of robust ERM Plans that we refer to as a Roadmap.

  • The Roadmap sets the goals
  • Provides a meaningful approach
  • Avoids wasted effort
  • Demonstrates commitment by the organisation

Makeup of a Risk Roadmap

Risk Management Policy
Owned by the Board

  • Mission (company with reference to risk management)
  • Risk Management Policy Statement (commitment)
  • Risk Management Plan (RMP) (endorse it)
  • Standards and Codes of Practice (sign up to some)
  • Risk Management Organisation and Responsibilities
  • Diagram of "Risk Universe" Risk Management Plan

Risk Management Plan
Owned by executive management

  • Introduction
  • Methodology (Risk Management Process Overview)
  • Establishing a Core Risk Management Model (break it down into its elements)
  • Gathering Data and Developing Action Plans (using automated software)
  • Risk Register
  • Training and Education
  • Terminology
  • Implementation Progress and Timeline
  • Risk Management Processes

    • Generic, broad-brush approach
    • Business continuity
    • Controls assurance
    • Compliancei
    • Information security risk….etc

Drawing on our depth of experience, we tailor our services to suit the risk management needs of each client.

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