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Risk Management is a corporate discipline demanding the highest quality procedures, processes, training and infrastructure so that corporate executives at all levels can understand and control risks – in their business units and across the corporation.  Some of these risks are inherent; others emerge from the precarious nature of modern business; or from external factors that are beyond normal control.

CorProfit's integrated approach to harnessing the benefits of risk management is leading the world and assists our customers to develop an enterprise-wide approach that encompasses risk, compliance and controlled assurance audit techniques.  Significantly, the methodology reinforces risk management philosophy and culture.

CorProfit has more than 100 customers worldwide and has provided the principal consulting role for over 70 implementations of its risk management software KnowRisk®.  CorProfit is one of the few organisations world-wide that can provide a practical methodology to building a Framework and Roadmap that supports an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program.

For the first time it is possible to undertake and deliver several risk management programs under the one umbrella. A well executed program will result in:

  • A dramatic impact on the residual exposure that is inherent within an organisation
  • Greatly enhanced defence of corporate objectives
  • A risk-aware culture that transcends and enhances the design and execution of corporate process

Our clients use our software and services

  • To manage billion dollar manufacturing, construction and infrastructure projects
  • To implement management programs for Risk, Compliance and Assurance

CorProfit – the final say in Consultancy, Training and Software.

CorProfit was the first to develop a commercial operational risk management solution.

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