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KnowRisk® can be used at a very simple, or a very sophisticated level and even though its functionality is familiar to most operators, its productivity for corporations and individual users is immediately accelerated by properly structured training.

CorProfit offers several training courses:

Developing a Roadmap

Suitable for Risk Managers, administrators and domain experts. A one day course that outlines what is involved in structuring a Risk Management Plan.

KnowRisk® Administrator Training

The KnowRisk® database is "flexible and adaptable", and whilst it is straightforward to configure most of the set-up is hidden from users. The administrator will be required to know many more aspects of the product and will also need to assist others in accomplishing their work. The three days training enables the administrator to support the rollout of the ERM framework.

Participant Training

For Risk Management to be embraced, the people who are involved with process need to see that it has a scientific basis, yet be simple if it is to be understood and applied. Participants in the Risk Management exercise must be capable of using KnowRisk® for several tasks including entering new risks, controls, consequences, actions, reporting etc. i.e. they should be competent in the use of KnowRisk® in the areas they will work.

It is advantageous for key KnowRisk® users to receive formal training from qualified CorProfit staff. Attendees receive formal accreditation on having attended KnowRisk® training.

Workshop Facilitation

CorProfit front-line trainers are skilled in de-mystifying risk management for participants at all levels. Whilst this work does not qualify as a formal course, CorProfit trainers are adept at working with the people inputting data and making risk assessments. Working on the job with a CorProfit trainer improves the ability to work independently.

Why not train your people at CorProfit's facilities

CorProfit has a fully equipped training facility. Regular training classes allow customers to provide training for a small number of staff.

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