Leading the way in Enterprise Risk Management


CorProfit is focused on delivering the best breed of risk management methodologies supported by generic software.

Together these give our customers a complete solution to:

  • Quickly enable each customer to successfully implement an enterprise wide framework, independently
  • Eliminate the need to revert to us for specific customization

CorProfit's core competencies include:

  • Preparation of a Risk Management Plan or Roadmap to:

    • Cater for risk management, internal audit and compliance
    • Include the design of an integrated operational risk management framework
    • Be compliant with appropriate standards such as AS4360
  • Key strategies such as

    • Business continuity management
    • Building an insurance program into the risk framework
    • Project risk management
    • OH&S
    • Environment
  • Risk management education & theory
  • Risk management training
  • Train-the-trainer

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