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I am an ardent fan of templates and more so when it comes to Risk Management Templates. Templates make life easier. Stated differently, form filling templates take out the tedium involved in getting a risk management job done. Templates let us do our job, by setting out a clear blueprint. You start from the top, continue filling it in and the job is swiftly done. If a complex process like risk management can be condensed into form filling, a template; that would be the greatest invention of mankind, I mean risk management mankind and that is where I came unstuck. Where is that ideal Risk Management Template?

Attributes of a Risk Management Template

An ideal risk management template must have the following four distinct qualities.

1. It should set out the direction for filling in a form in a clear manner.

2. It should be a learned Tool, meaning it should condense the existing state of wisdom into a template.

3. It should be capable of learning further, meaning it should continue to learn by synthesising my way of working.

4. It should be able to teach, it should be a teaching template.

Wow! If I can get a template which has these attributes I have found my ultimate Risk Management Template and recently I found one and this unexpected discovery was made when I came across KnowRisk software. So let me share with you how this software complied with these strict criteria of an ideal risk management template.

Criteria 1: Form Filling

This is the most basic of the requirements a good risk management template. For a risk professional in a gush of hurry (I mean real hurry), that is go straight to the software and fill in the form representing a risk register, task assignment and configuring work flow. The form unobtrusively and quietly guides you through a well laid out route. This criterion of form filling is so comprehensively covered by KnowRisk software, I exclaimed with delight: Wow! No trivial feat to rise to this height and KnowRisk did that to my immense satisfaction!


Criteria 2: Learned Template

Now we are entering into an uncharted territory. What knowledge we expect from a template. The software KnowRisk has unique knowledge base, extensive and clearly laid out. Click on the one you take fancy to (I mean which meets your needs); it becomes part of your individualised Risk Management Template as you progress with implementation.

gcen-teachingCriteria 3: Learning Template

Good attempt Mr KnowRisk Template, ‘you are full of wisdom’ I whisper, ‘but I want you to learn as I progress with my implementation’. ‘Sure can’, I hear the answer, ‘Expand the knowledge base by entering your own scenario, and you have gotten a learning template. Within a few days, it is wiser, richer and it does not stop there. It continues to learn forever.learningCriteria 4: A Teaching Template

As you progress enriching the knowledge base, members of your group witness an enhanced process of dealing with risks. This is how the template gradually gets transformed into a teaching template. It encapsulates input from a range of knowledgeable people; the result is it does not take long to become a teaching template. teaching

This is not the end of the architecture of KnowRisk risk management software and its capability of being an ideal risk management template. Additionally KnowRisk provides you a canvass, to paint, to design, to lay out your own template, an enriched template. Never, ever had I seen the concept of Risk Management template taken to this height?

Now I will say no more. Put this KnowRisk to the test, specifically its ever learning Knowledge Base. Contact KnowRisk so that they can demonstrate to you how it fulfils all the four criteria of Risk Management Template. Says the KnowRisk team leader, ‘we are ready to withstand your scrutiny because outstanding software come out as winners, and we ensure you that KnowRisk rides on a rough road, peaks and valleys and it takes you to your final destination in comfort and if we can add in luxury.”


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