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Is Project Risk Management just another risk?

Project risk certainly is not just another risk, so what is it then? A risk is a singular risk, whilst a project risk is a composite risk. A project risk inherently has a hierarchy of risks. Each hierarchy could be further expanded to have multiple levels. That’s exactly what KnowRisk handles excellently.

Pyramid with ColorsWhat is Project Risk Score?

Is project risk score simply an aggregation of all the risks in a project, is it the largest risk in the project, could the average of all the risks be the risk score, or maybe it’s a probabilistic estimate? That is where KnowRisk can offer a way most suited to a company’s project risk management, simply tailored to your needs alone without making any compromises.

Project Risk score DiagramIs that all to it?

Far from it, this is just the start. Why don’t you call us to talk about your project risk management and start seeing the difference. 

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