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Riskpad logoWhat is RiskPad? RiskPad is an innovative technology designed by Ozdocs to implement KnowRisk features currently known as RiskCanvas Only-Client to Web browsers and Mobile devices. The uniqueness and inventiveness goes much beyond implementing web and mobile based solutions. It takes any source of user interface and business rules provided by the user and delivers a mobile enabled, web browser based application totally designed and optimised as per the user’s requirements. Please read on to see how.

How does RiskPad work?

The key to RiskPad technology is a built in RiskPad processor. It processes input from several sources and creates a browser based, mobile app for enterprise users. In fact you can create applications for third party users and contractors for incident reporting, audit and other functions.

What does this mean to KnowRisk Users?

Put simply, RiskPad provides unprecedented productivity gains enterprise wise; no desktop installation for each instance of RiskCanvas user, access anytime-anywhere including using mobile devices. Let us explain it in more details. KnowRisk has an outstanding feature to define your own Forms and deploy these enterprise wise. That means you can design your own interface, incorporating your business rules and deliver a subset of KnowRisk application on the desktop, thus no access to full rich features of KnowRisk Classic software.  Enter the era of innovative technology — RiskPad 

With full confidence, you can deliver an enterprise based app to every user within your organisation, exposing the part which you want them to see and interact with it. That sums it all.


Risk Pad

What can RiskPad deliver beyond KnowRisk RiskCanvas?

The strength of RiskPad lies in delivering application much beyond the traditional KnowRisk RiskCanvas. The Forms are just the start and one of the many ways to reach enterprise wide users. Some of the other source input it can use to deliver web and mobile applications are:

  • Design any Form using Word, Excel and hybrid thereof, RiskPad matches
  • Design a paper based Form and user interface, RiskPad will deliver an app for the enterprise.

What are the Benefits of RiskPad ?

KnowRisk users will immediately reap several benefits by using RiskPad technology.

  • New applications can be readily delivered by KnowRisk Software engineers based on the concept articulated by KnowRisk users.
  • Non-specialist users who have limited need to interact with enterprise risk management system can benefit from this new technology by using a simple and effective user interface based on browser based mobile technology.
  • You can reach a wider audience and enrich the risk culture by adding specialised applications.

Key Benefits of RiskPad

  • Implements proven Form technology of KnowRisk
  • As an app accessible to users via Browser
  • Eliminates the need of deploying KnowRIsk application on an individual machine
  • Reaches enterprise audience located throughout the globe
  • Implements new application based on your new needs
  • Replicates existing features of KnowRisk on mobile apps
  • Unchains you from limitations of enterprise

What is the next step?

The next step is straight forward: 
Identify a Form you have already implemented and ask us to process it using RiskPad processor and transform it into a web-mobile application. Tell us a about a new Form, new concept, new application you have in mind, we will process it using RiskPad processor and deliver a web-mobile application. What’s more, if you have dreamed of something even more powerful, give us your “on the back of the envelop” design and see it live and kicking on the RiskPad.

Under the Hood – The Technology

  • The welcome user interface is white labelled to the organisation's requirement
  • User authentication based on current rules
  • Administrative control to log-off users and control uses
  • Licensing control
  • Extensive user log
  • Inactivity time set up to disconnect user

Technology has changed so are users’ needs. It is the age of mobile technology, anytime anywhere web based access, inclusion of people outside your organisations such as auditors and contractors, these are made possible by our Innovative technology of RiskPad.

A new era in application delivery for the KnowRisk user has arrived

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