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Thrive logoWhat is KnowRisk Thrive?

 Even when an organization has implemented risk controls, and even when it has the processes to monitor the plans and subject them to continuous improvement, an organization may still be caught in the vortex of disaster. The risk may strike, the business operation may be disrupted, and only far sighted management prepare for these disruptive events. That preparation is not all natural, you need a framework and you need a tool. The software tool you need to respond to and recover from a disruptive event, KnowRisk Thrive has arrived. To deal with disruptive event, you need a tool, which rigorously complies with ISO 22301 framework and that is not a mean feat. That is what KnowRisk Thrive has achieved evidenced by the following features.

A Comprehensive Framework for Policy Formulation

The starting point to a sound Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) is the policy framework. Thrive starts with a framework which can be modified, enhanced or redesigned from this base. It cuts down the policy formulation process to minimum and gets you started faster.

A Sound Platform to Carry out Business Impact Analysis

Once the policy formulation is complete, the next stepping stone is the business impact analysis. One can meander in many directions without a structure. This is where Thrive excels. It gives you the most comprehensive structure to analyse the impact of a disruptive event. This leads to cataloguing all relevant factors, calibration of risks and impacts, preparing you to move to the next step that is preparing the exercises to rehearse real life events.

A Well Structured Plan with Comprehensiveness 

The key to well-structured business continuity plan is to include; resource dependency mapping, mutual aid agreements and focus on geographical locations. Reinforced by security and audit facility. That is the forte of Thrive software.

Testing the Conept-Excercises & Tesing Business Continuity Plans

An effective business continuity plan must be tested to ascertain preparedness and effectivity. Thrive offers a sound platform to carry out exercises and identify any inadequacy leading to continuous improvement

Plan-Do-Check-Act Model of Continuous Improvment 

KnowRisk Thrive implements the complete cycle of BCM based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model as specified in the current international Business Continuity Standards ISO 22301.

KnowRisk Thrive has arrived 

KnowRisk Thrive with ISO 22301 compliance was designed from the ground up to work with the latest mobile technology and web based tools. Its  the software of choice when it comes to Business Continuity Management System. In addition to that KnowRisk Thrive integrates with third party tools such as Word to offer you greater freedom to prepare a final set of Business Continuity documents.

If you want a comprehensive tool to prepare you to thrive even when adverse events arrive without notice, KnowRisk Thrive is the software for you.

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