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KnowRiskEffective Risk Management software has proven that it can save corporations thousands and in some cases millions of dollars by recognising risks, designing controls and corrective actions and setting up action plans to prevent risks from occurring, or to mitigate their effects. The downside of Risk Management is the enormous amount of data it produces and the difficulty of refining this information so that it can be effectively employed.

Enter KnowRisk® and its capacity to handle an infinite amount of data, slice and dice it, analyse it, compact it, filter out the deadwood and let you know the risks that could seriously impact on your business. It can even let you know the potential cost if nothing is done about it and KnowRisk® caters for businesses or organizations of any size with a complete range of products that range from KnowRisk® Enterprise for the very large multi national and national organisations down to KnowRisk® Standard for small projects or even one-man bands.

KnowRisk® is truly generic. It does not impose any system or methodology on the user.

If your current framework is working for you, why change it? KnowRisk® can be configured to your exact organization and your risk management framework so that you can continue to do things your way and take advantage of the power and convenience of this remarkable software tool.

To broadcast your success, KnowRisk® also produces a whole range of reports that are up to the minute and can be full of details for people at the coal face or refined down to essential elements for board level use.

Whatever your business, there is a KnowRisk® model off the shelf and ready to be configured to your exact requirements. In most cases the cost including implementation, start up and training, is way less than the savings gained in the first year.

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