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Workflow manager logoThe strategic value of risk management is realised when it becomes embedded in business processes. Workflow Manager provides a practical way to automate the collection of data from participants throughout the organisation in a natural way, without requiring undue levels of technical expertise about the risk management program itself.

For the first time ever, the KnowRisk administrator can establish and manage the notifications programs that are required to keep the risk program moving  without reverting to IT or to CorProfit. In keeping with CorProfit Systems’ philosophy of providing transformational technology that allows control of the software to be in the hands of the user.

Workflow Manager has two prime functions:-
• To solicit the capture or update of specific data from participants in the risk/audit/compliance programs e.g. a request to review or provide attestation.
• To highlight or notify/escalate to certain participants that a set of conditions that they are responsible for has eventuated e.g. reviews have not been completed, action items are overdue.

Workflow Manager also leverages KnowRisk Forms, KnowRisk Automation API, a new Product Database and the new Expression Builder.

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