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KnowRiskRiskCanvass logoThe RiskCanvas facilities are designed to provide the most user friendly interface to your risk system.
The RiskCanvas Designer is itself quite revolutionary, it offers tools for business people who are not developers to build professional integrated applications that cater for complex business rules that risk and related functions require to be enforced.

RiskCanvas offers powerful features that make interaction with the business application easier and more intuitive.
Specific features include a document centric paradigm offering undo/redo, sub‐forms, tabs, intuitive navigation, links to and from your other systems, online help and much more.

RiskCanvas enables you to match any existing forms that are used internally, perhaps held in Word, Excel or some other paper‐based system. After emulating what you are currently doing the KnowRisk Forms offer ongoing pathways to increase productivity, functionality and user-friendliness.

Benefits of working with RiskCanvas:
• No IT person needed
• Start with a blank canvass, design any “look & feel”
• You decide the business rules
• Simple data entry
• Assist the analysis
• Least training needed


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