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DocuVault logoWhat is DocuVault? DocuVault combines the traditional document management with record management, content organiser and comprehensive web search technology. Delivering an enterprise archive management tool integrated with KnowRisk risk management software.

DocuVault is the key to corporate governance and data mining

Many organisations have either no archiving policy or its severely fragmented. Archiving is considered just another electronic filing cabinet, not a productive tool or business intelligence repository. Corporate governance requires physical cabinets to be locked and secured. But most electronic archives are not governed by the same disciplines. DocuVault, your enterprise archiving system addresses these issues in a comprehensive way using framework set up by KnowRisk risk management policy framework.

DocuVault Features:

  • Provides framework for enterprise level archiving: DocuVault enforces an enterprise wide archiving policy by setting up an organisational access hierarchy, user profiles, permissions, document version control, security and robustness.

  • Data Mining through Advanced Search

  • DocuVault delivers beyond traditional archiving software, with keyword search, Google style open with comprehensive search. DocuVault can optionally store documents in SQL Server.

Secure & Robust Implementation Using Proven Technology

DocuVault is Secure, Robust and Enterprise friendly with extensive search facility using a proven and tested universal search engine. Advanced search with full text search or Turbo power your search with document key of your changes and total version control. Setup access control of each document within your organisational structure.

Supports Multiple Document Formats, Provides Alert to Perform Key Activities

Simple uploading of your documents with multiple options with e-mail upload; by simply sending an e-mail. FTP Upload; bulk upload of your documents using an FTP address. Direct upload using a desktop tool or web upload.

  • Supports all version of Microsoft documents including the following formats; .xls, .doc, .csv, .ppt, .html, .xlsx, . Docx, .pptx, .vsd, .XML.

  • Alert Notification trigger can be setup for individual documents and the alert notices can be sent by email or SMS.

Choice of On-premises or hosted options DocuVault platform must be able to scale up as your company changes and grows. With DocuVault you can deploy your environment on-premises or it can be hosted by Ozdocs International more economically.

Archiving is often a neglected area within the risk managment software but no more. 
An Archiving Solution governed by KnowRisk Policy Framework has arrived

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