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KnowRiskDataMart logoVisualisation using dashboards helps to quickly identify and comprehend the key indicators in your risk management and governance initiatives.

Now available on tablets and mobile devices, these modern technologies become increasingly relevant as the volume and detail of your ERM data increases.

Being able to slice and dice your data so effortlessly provides a better basis for decision making, infact giving you insights that were not previously attainable.

It is no longer challenging to provide relevant and timely indicators to managers, executives and other stakeholders in a way that is both accessible and meaningful.

The well-known adage that “a picture tells a thousand words” is the driving force behind the KnowRisk Data Mart, displaying your indicators and KPI’s in a simple, uncluttered way.

You and other stakeholders have confidence in your risk management programs.

The KnowRisk DataMart prepares data for all the common Business Intelligence programs including SAP, Microsoft, Cognos, Hyperion, Corvu and Tableau.

Dashboards can be accessed from the web and link directly to KnowRisk Forms to provide a complete Round Robin experience – data entry to dashboard to data entry.


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