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Methods & Steps


KnowRisk's feature of Methods & Steps goes beyond the traditional method.

The traditional method, which every other software uses in the risk management process, is to:

  1. Identify Risk
  2. Assess Risk
  3. Prepare Action Plan
  4. Print Report

This traditional method limits the way a risk can be addressed, assuming that every risk management can be handeled the same way. 

KnowRisk understands that there cannot be a single way to perform risk management, taking the risk management process to another level by providing the user with the outstanding feature of having configurable Methods & Steps. This enables the user to have an unlimited number of methods with each method having virtually an unlimited number of steps!

Each method can have a distict group of users/owners with the end user not needing to understand how the Methods & Steps are deigned. This allows staff to walk theough the risk process, without turning them in to risk managers!

Ultimately KnowRisk's Methods & Steps feature transforms the complexity of the Risk Management Process into simplicity. 

For real life application of KnowRisk's Methods & Steps feature click here.

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