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KnowRisk® Standard

KnowRiskKnowRisk® Standard has been designed for environments where a small number of users work together on maintaining a small to medium size risk register, often (but not necessarily) sharing a single computer which also hosts the data source. As such, KnowRisk® Standard is the ideal solution for small teams or 'one man band' risk management departments, or for small organisations that cannot afford to purchase and maintain a database server.

Standard databases are implemented using the MS Jet database engine (Access). Each Standard database is a stand-alone file, easy to create, manipulate and maintain. KnowRisk® Standard does not require third party software or royalties. Everything needed to run the software is on the KnowRisk® installation CD.

KnowRisk® Standard exhibits very good performance when working with local data sources (i.e. stored on the local hard-drive). However, security control is weak, as is performance over LAN in multi-user environments. Standard databases can store data for many independent or related projects or business units that can be organised in complex profile hierarchies, and have a fully featured Knowledge Base which learns over time. Information can be exchanged between Standard databases one profile at a time using Single Profile files.

A workgroup information file is used for configuring user accounts and can be shared across multiple Standard databases. Users are identified based on their login name, then the corresponding application permissions (as configured in the database the user connects to) are applied by the software. The same user can have access to many different data sources with different permission in each of them.

Single Profile files can be used for exchanging information between different data sources or for providing access to individual profiles to users owning KnowRisk®. KnowRisk® Standard can also be used to open and work with Single Profile files.

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