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KnowRisk® Professional

KnowRiskKnowRisk® Professional is an enterprise level application designed specifically for a large number of users who can work together and possibly simultaneously with one or more central databases hosted on a corporate database server such as MS SQL Server, Oracle or Sybase.

KnowRisk® Professional has been designed for a large number of users working simultaneously on maintaining a large risk register. It is intended for large risk management departments or for organisations that delegate risk management tasks to project managers. KnowRisk® Professional is accessible over LAN and has the same high level of security as KnowRisk® Enterprise with most of its features, but does not work over WAN / TCP/IP.

KnowRisk® Professional databases are implemented using database server technology – currently we support MS SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase. They are scalable, providing very good performance in multi-user environments and can store large amounts of information. However, they do require the services of IT specialists (DBA) to setup and maintain.

KnowRisk® Professional databases can store data for a very large number of independent, related projects or business units that can be organised in complex profile hierarchies, and have a fully featured Knowledge Base which learns over time. They also have the option of a fully customisable history log tracking all changes. Security is enforced by the database server.

Login accounts are configured using the database server software (Active Directory is also supported). Users are identified based on their login name, then the corresponding application permissions (as configured in the database the user connects to) are applied by the software. The same user can have access to many different data sources with different permission in each of them.

Single Profile files can be used for exchanging information between different data sources. KnowRisk® Professional can also be used to open and work with Standard databases as well as Single Profile files.

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