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KnowRisk® Enterprise

KnowRiskKnowRisk® Enterprise has been designed for very large and/or distributed organisations, with multiple risk management departments that may need to be able to work independently while also having to report to and collate their data at a corporate level. It exhibits a three tier architecture with a proprietary application server.

Like KnowRisk® Professional, it uses database server technology for data storage. However, the extra application server tier provides for more flexibility and adds a host of powerful features not available in Pro.

The communication layer between the client and server uses compression and encryption. This combined with additional security options available at the application server level ensures that KnowRisk® Enterprise is the ideal solution for distributed networks comprising LAN, WAN and TCP/IP segments.

Another great benefit over KnowRisk® Professional is that client workstations do not require any kind of database software.

In addition to the data exchange options available in the other models, KnowRisk® Enterprise can synchronise or merge sub-sections of data between any number of KnowRisk® data sources. KnowRisk® Enterprise can still directly open and work with Professional databases, Standard databases, as well as Single Profile files.

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