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know riskKnowRisk® Professional: A tried and proven enterprise level application designed specifically for a large number of users who can work together and possibly simultaneously with one or more central databases hosted on a corporate back-end database server such as MS SQL Server or Oracle. It is accessible over LAN and has the same high level of security as KnowRisk® Enterprise with most of its features, but does not work over WAN. It can exchange information with other models through single profile files.

KnowRisk® Standard: An entry point model designed for a networked environment, with users connected to a shared database over LAN, but lacking a corporate back-end database server. Like models above it in the range, each database has its own Knowledge Base accumulating information from the unlimited number of profiles that can be stored in the database. It can exchange information with other models (except KnowRisk® Business) through single profile files.

KnowRisk® Enterprise: a large-scale, multi-tier, client/server distributed application specifically designed to serve the needs of corporations with far-flung operations, connected through LAN or WAN. It can operate with multiple databases hosted on independent back-end database servers with a high level of security over user access and permissions. KnowRisk® Enterprise can replicate and synchronise selected information between these independent databases as well as exchange information with other models in the KnowRisk® suite.

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