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University Risk Repository Research Project

As the regulations and markets for higher education change and evolve, Universities face a range of different risks and uncertainties. A robust risk management program is an important step for meeting these challenges and thriving in the new environment. Building a Risk Repository is the first step in the quest for better, more effective and streamlined Risk Management and Governance.

OzDocs is an accredited Research Service Provider (RSP) with several patents dedicated to solutions that result in better outcomes. We are funding a Research Project that will demonstrate how    Universities can collaborate to build and maintain a Repository of Risk Data that can be shared while still leaving each participating University to tailor a Risk Management approach that suits their own unique needs.

Let us invite you to join this Research Project which will deliver a comprehensive Risk Repository for the University sector.

The schemes for the Research Project is shown below: 

Final RSP Diagram


Click to Download Supplementary Research Project Information:

Research Paper for University Reasearch Knowledge Base

Enterprise Wise RM Overview

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