Knowrisk User Group Agenda Announced 19 & 20 May 2014

The User Group is a Forum for users to meet and network, with Day 1 for exploring different uses to which KnowRisk supports your Risk Management as well as a broader ERM / GRC Strategy.

Focused Training is arranged for Day 2 and includes some of the new features added to KnowRisk from the last release, as well as giving you the chance to road-test some new Products.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in the Sydney CBD gives a great location, being close to rail stations and parking. Meals and other refreshments will be served throughout both days, with a pleasant ambience set amongst spectacular views nearby of Sydney’s Darling Harbour precinct.

Day 1 : 19 May, Roadshow , Product Launch, Panel Discussion

Registration opens at 8.30 AM and the sessions close by 4.00 PM. Drinks & snacks follow after.


Agenda Item


8.30 AM

Register for 9.00 AM start

Coffee / tea served to spark off the day

9.00 AM

Welcome by Dr Pramod Pandey, CEO Ozdocs Group

Ozdocs is proud of over 30 years of providing leading edge technology that is both innovative and aims to delight you, the customer.

9.10 AM

KnowRisk BCP launch by Dr Pandey and Prabhat Kumar.

For many, the pathway to replacing BCP mainly held in paper-based systems.

In compliance with ISO22301 : 2012, the first completely self-contained module of the KnowRisk product suite is for BCP.

Capable of being launched from within KnowRisk, or as a standalone application, KnowRisk BCP is on the web and is the most up-to-date product in the market place for developing your BIA, managing your BCP process and the facilities to test your BC readiness. 

10.00 AM

Managing Project Risks, by Ian Abrahams & Ray D'Angelo, and how to move off Excel

Ian and Ray are risk management professionals with years of working in the government and private sectors, both having been members of the Standards Committee that published 4360 (this became the foundation for ISO31000).

Managing project risks has strong demands across industry.  This demonstration will show that KnowRisk provides a solid starting point to replicate a typical Excel-type deployment, and then takes this to another level in a database technology.  

10.50 AM

Coffee break


11.10 AM

Launch of RiskWheels Mobile Risk Management Software by Dr Pramod Pande & Prabhat Kumar

A world first Risk Management Software which excels over excel spreadsheet and it can be integrated with KnowRisk software.

12.00 midday

Dashboard reporting adds a new dimension, Aron Calfus, Sydney Water

From having a well-designed and tightly integrated Forms-set over the corporate and operational divisions and business units, adding dashboards has eclipsed the Risk Management journey in giving key stakeholders a rich representation of their risk data. 

Aron will present how they approached the design of their dashboards and the buy-in being received, and how this is contributing to a more aware and increasing number of staff involved in Risk Management.

12.30 PM

Break for lunch

And talk 

Increasing the skills of staff, Bryan Whitefield, Risk Management Partners and President of RMIA

A 15 minute break will be given for attendees to fill their plates with food.

30 minutes talk

15 minutes to close out the lunch break.

Overview of talk by Bryan Whitefield

Risk Management is becoming a fundamental plank of increased business performance at one end, and better governance at the other end.

This brings with it the need for increasing the skills of staff to understand and apply Risk Management and ensures better culture and awareness.

As a leading practitioner, and not beholden to a particular software product, Bryan is assisting a number companies measure KPI’s and trends that demonstrate the benefits of effective Risk Management.

The RMIA (Risk Management Institution of Australasia) is proactive in endorsing various training and education programs in industry at large.  Bryan will also highlight how RMIA is becoming a more recognised advocate for training and good practices in Risk Management into the small to larger businesses.

1.30 PM

Implementing Risk Management to address Contractual Obligations in a Major Turnkey Construction Group, Graham Croock, BDO Risk Advisory Services, South Africa

Graham will present the approach taken in KnowRisk to support the way risks are managed in project delivery, from having project managers and commercial managers show that they are meeting certain contractual obligations.

This makes it straightforward to “tick the right boxes” when it comes to submitting progress payments, as cash flow is very important for construction companies.

2.20 PM

KnowRisk Roadmap, next phase of development for an increasing take up of Risk Management & ERM, Ian Abrahams, CorProfit’s Principal ERM Consultant

The product strategy for the ongoing development of KnowRisk is determined by the needs of clients. 

Professional networking groups, e.g. several under the LinkedIn Domain are discussing more than ever how significant it is for companies to have the right technology platform for Risk Management.

Ian will set-out the roadmap for KnowRisk development spanning 2 to 3 years out.  KnowRisk products are expanding to have completeness in respect of ERM – GRC trends, and across all operating systems and modes of access (web, Cloud, Mobile and Desktop). Priority of development is based on customers’ feedback.

3.10 PM

Panel discussion, made up of your peers will give insights into successful Risk Management Implementation.
The afternoon tea will be served

The Panel discussion is an open forum in which you can ask technical questions about KnowRisk, or obtain ideas that might help your own efforts in implementing Risk Management and ERM.
Other users may have already dealt with similar situations and the CorProfit team will also give input.
Focus areas could be:



  • How to use ERM to support strategic planning or objectives
  • Wining the hearts of staff by making ERM a part of business process rather than reviewing risks once a quarter
  • The trade off in having a risk management function that is resourced a minimum level against ERM which has a wide application

4:00 PM

User Group Day 1 Close by Pramod Pandey

The Ozdocs Group ethos is to develop sound, good quality software and to exceed service level agreements.
In closing the User Group, we look to our customers to give feedback for the next User Group and topics to be presented.

4.10 PM

Networking and drinks

You are cordially invited to have some drinks and snacks while networking with other attendees.

Day 2 : 20 May, Training On New Features & Products

Registration opens at 8.30 AM for a 9.00 AM start, and the training closes by 3.30 PM.

Topics for the day are:

  • Training in new KnowRisk features, including extending characters in text fields, Word integration and document management.



    Email us if there are particular items you’d like to see.

  • Hands on use of KnowRisk BCP, your feedback is welcome.



    As one of the first products to be released after the release of the ISO Standard for BCM in 2012, the KnowRisk BCP Module provides an opportunity to compare how you currently do your BCP and Crisis Management functions, in the newly released module.
    Bring a sample of how you currently undertake BCP!

  • Hands on use of KnowRisk Mobile app for iPhone / android, your feedback is welcome.



    We will have some real world use cases for you to have, to explore what this new module is capable of doing for you.

A Booking Form is available, please fill that in and send back to the contact details provided.

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