Leading the way in Enterprise Risk Management


We have three overviews in our series about CorProfit. These datasheets detail the journey we take with our clients to assist them understand and better manage Enterprise Risk Management in their organisation.

CorProfit – Leading the Way in Enterprise Risk Management

We describe how we help organisations better understand and adopt good risk management practices.
Pdf version (208KB) CorProfit Overview

CorProfit – Service Offerings to Deliver Effective Enterprise Risk Management

An overview of the services we offer to organisations helping them better understand and manage the different aspects of ERM.
Download the pdf version (188KB) CorProfit Services

CorProfit – Training Solutions to Support Effective Enterprise Risk Management

We provide training of fundamentals of risk management through to building a roadmap and operational risk management, as well as user training for our KnowRisk® product.
Download the pdf version (188KB) CorProfit Training


One stop solution for risk management, compliance and internal audit.
Download the pdf version (1.7MB) KnowRisk Brochure

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