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Australian Technology ShowcaseCorprofit is a member of the Australian Technology Showcase

CorProfit is grateful for the assistance and support provided by the Australian Technology Showcase organisation over several years.

We acknowledge the excellent role of the ATS in supporting the development of Australian technologies and their promotion internationally.

Australian Technology Showcase can be contacted at:

PO Box N818, Grosvenor Place, NSW 1220 Phone +61 2 9338 6615

NSW Government SCCB SupplierNSW Department of Commerce State Procurement

In February 2005 CorProfit was granted a NSW Government SCCB Supplier Contract.

For further information

Judith Heaton
Team Leader
State Procurement Information Centre
T: 02 9372 7541
F: 02 9372 7599
E: state.procurement@commerce.nsw.gov.au


Salma Cook
BusinessDevelopment Officer
State Procurement
T: 02 9372 7545
F: 02 9372 7599
E: salma.cook@commerce.nsw.gov.au

NSW Dept State & Regional DevelopmentNSW Department of State and Regional Development

CorProfit would like to acknowledge the excellent support we have received from the department.

The NSW Department of State and Regional Development can be contacted at:

Level 44, Grosvenor Place,
225 George Street,
(PO Box N818),
Sydney NSW 1220
Tel: +61 2 9228 3111
Fax: +61 2 9228 3626

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