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Who we are and what we offer

KnowRisk has been at the forefront of risk management software industry for over 17 years. Starting in 2014, it became a member of the Ozdocs group of companies, further strengthening its market leadership with the resources committed by Ozdocs International.

KnowRisk software is rich in features and it has been the favourite of corporate users in Australia and overseas. We also deliver implementation and consulting services to complement KnowRisk software to ensure a seamlessly integrated solution.

KnowRisk is used by consultants in delivering their particular brand of professional services, training and education, enabling them to differentiate the market segments they operate in.

Background, Capabilities and Experience

Ozdocs International the owner of KnowRisk software, has been established for over 30 years. It invests heavily in research and development and it owns 6+ patents in the area of risk management. The group employs 70 professionals covering a wide range of technologies and well positioned to offer the best technological solutions.

Whereas most risk management software companies are single product companies exposed to reliance on a single offering, Ozdocs International has multiple software products offerings. This provides stability to customers and benefits flowing from intellectual contribution and cross-fertilisation coming from many related software products owned by the group.

We develop and implement new software applications by investing heavily in new technologies. Constantly being on the lookout to the ever-changing technological and business needs of our users.

Our consultants help our software users by developing risk management roadmaps and frameworks, with particular focus on methodologies, plans, policies, procedures and mentoring that seamlessly align to the organisational context. This ensures that the solutions implemented by the KnowRisk model are consistent with the risk strategy and risk appetite of the organisation.

Distinctive Features of KnowRisk Offering

KnowRisk solution offers distinctive features to stand out in the crowd in the following ways:

  • KnowRisk offers unparalleled facility to configure the system by the end-user to achieve the best-fit solution.
  • KnowRisk leadership meets your framework from the simplest methods used to develop risk registers, risk awareness and building culture, to more sophisticated methods that users require. There is no threat of outgrowing the software.
  • KnowRisk offers the best value solution with flexible pricing structure.
  • KnowRisk is cloud based for those who want universal access and it is desktop based for those who want to have total control on their deployment.

If you are looking for a flexible solution to risk management with full consulting and implementation service, look no further, KnowRisk is the solution for you.

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