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As a world leader in the area of risk management, CorProfit provides enterprise risk management solutions through strategic consultancy, methodology and technology to leading organisations in the public and private sector. Our clients list consists of over 100 customers globally, many leaders in their industry. CorProfit is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

CorProfit's integrated approach to harnessing the benefits of risk management assists its customers to develop an enterprise-wide approach that encompasses risk, compliance, and controlled assurance audit techniques. Significantly reinforcing a risk management philosophy and culture throughout an organisation.

CorProfit was founded in 1997 to address compliance with the newly released AS/NZS 4360 a vision of an integrated software solution focussing on risk management, rather than industry specific solutions. Resulting in the development and subsequent patenting of CorProfit's software, KnowRisk®. This product combined with CorProfit's methodology provides a top-down, side to side view of risks within an organisation.

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